Why Choral-Aires?

Choral-Aires is more than just a group of women who get together to sing a cappella harmony.  We are a group of committed, talented women who genuinely care about one another and about singing music we all love. 

We all have so many choices in how we spend that most precious commodity - our time.  Why spend it with us?

  • You love music. Maybe you already love barbershop. Or, maybe you're a fan of country, pop, or jazz. Maybe you love classical. You're in luck, because there are elements of virtually every type of music in what we sing.  Maybe not rap, but you get the point.  Whether you're a trained musician, or just love to sing along with the radio, you'll find someone who thinks just like you do.
  • You love to sing.  In school, in church, in the car, in the yard and probably in the shower, you'll find a place to sing. With the Choral-Aires, you'll have a chance to sing in rehearsal, for guests who visit our rehearsals, in competitions and for audiences of all ages and sizes. 
  • You love meeting new people.  There are over 100 of us, so chances are you'll find women with whom you share many interests.  And, you'll meet fascinating women with different hobbies and experiences and great stories to tell. 
  • You love to have fun.  Fantastic, so do we.  And we do it all the time.
  • You love to learn and grow.  Choral-Aires offers dozens of ways to learn and grow as a musician and as a person.  Learn about music, about how to tell a story with music and lyrics.  Join a committee and use or develop your talents at promotion, event management, organization, costuming, program development.  Be bold and sing with a quartet.  The possibilities are endless. 
  • You love to be terrific at whatever you do.  We're looking for women like you, who want to meet new friends, learn, share and make the Choral-Aires Chorus into the very best it can be. 

If you see yourself in any of the points listed here, we want to see you at a rehearsal.  We have members who travel from all over the suburbs, as well as Wisconsin, Indiana and even Michigan.  Stop by any Monday.  We'd love for you to experience the joy and camaraderie of barbershop the Choral-Aires way.

You'll have the opportunity to hear us perform four-part, a cappella harmony (find out more about barbershop harmony here), and you'll be invited to join us on the risers to experience the music, friendship and fun for which the Choral-Aires Chorus is known!

Women of all ages are invited to attend. For more information about joining us, contact our membership chair, Bev Hoffmeister: . If you're a woman who loves to sing, we'd love to meet you! Our members travel from all over the tri-state area to sing with the Choral-Aires Chorus. To quote one of our members, "It's the love of singing that brought me to the Choral-Aires Chorus. It's the enthusiasm, fun and lasting friendships that keep me returning week after week. I love it!"

Visit us and see for yourself!

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