Honor Roll

Gayle Newton

Choral-Aire of the Month


Awarded to Gayle Newton

Congratulations to Gayle, our Choral-Aire of the month for June!

Julie Allerson

Sandy Dekker Award


Awarded to Julie Allerson

Sandy Dekker Award

Congratulations to Julie Allerson, our 2022 Sandy Dekker Award winner! 

Sandy Dekker- a Sweet Adeline, a Choral-Aire, and an amazing woman.  Unfortunately, many of us never had the privilege of knowing Sandy Dekker, who passed away in 1998.  To know her, one would realize she had a strong faith, an amazing work ethic, and a deep sense of caring for those around her.  Because of her selflessness, and larger than life presence, her spirit lives on in the Sandy Dekker Award!


Woman of Note 2024


Awarded to Nancy Smith

Congratulations Nancy! Thank you for all you do!!

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