Honor Roll

Robin Jungblut

Choral-Aire of the Month


Awarded to Robin Jungblut

Congratulations to Robin Jungblut, our Choral-Aire of the month for August!

Sandy Dekker Award


Awarded to Nancy Smith

Sandy Dekker Award

Congratulations to Nancy Smith, our 2021 Sandy Dekker Award winner! 

Sandy Dekker- a Sweet Adeline, a Choral-Aire, and an amazing woman.  Unfortunately, many of us never had the privilege of knowing Sandy Dekker, who passed away in 1998.  To know her, one would realize she had a strong faith, an amazing work ethic, and a deep sense of caring for those around her.  Because of her selflessness, and larger than life presence, her spirit lives on in our chorus today.

Congratulations to Nancy Smith, our 2021 Sandy Dekker Award!

She joined the chorus in 2003.  Since Nancy is a worker bee  it didn’t take her long to become involved in just about every aspect of the chorus.  I may have even missed things that she has done. She has been involved with organizing Regional and International competitions for as long as I can remember.  She has handled the riser moves for shows and competitions which involves so much coordination. She ran for the Board of Directors which resulted in her being the Vice President and subsequently the President of the Chorus. She was a member of A La Carte. She has been involved in searching for new rehearsal sites many times. She volunteers to help in every fundraiser. If you need a job done Nancy is ready to help. Besides just doing the job Nancy always thinks of the really nice thoughtful touches to make our members and directors feel appreciated.  She has earned the Sandy Dekker award for these and many more reasons which are too numerous to name."

Valerie Baxter

Woman of Note 2021


Awarded to Valerie Baxter

Valerie is an integral member of our chorus.  She not only serves on our Board of Directors, but she's also a fantastic lead singer and takes many of our very best photos.  

She is by far the most tech-savvy member of our chorus, serving as our Webmaster and our Web Team Leader.  She answers all of our  difficult AND simple techy questions with patience and a sense of humor!  After all, she IS a teacher!

Though it has been a challenging year for everyone, she has helped our chorus stay together by working on the Marketing Team and building our brand new website. 

Valerie has been a valuable member of The Choral-Aires Chorus for nearly 12 years. We are all so proud to present her with the 2020 Woman of Note Award!